MOSCOW, December 3 (RAPSI) – Bloggers broadcasting in real time incidents involving harassment of people need to be prosecuted, and such content is to be blocked immediately, Deputy Chair of the Presidential Council for Human Rights Irina Kirkora believes.

Earlier, blogger Stas Reshetnikov (Reeflay) locked out on the balcony his pregnant girlfriend Valentina Grigoryeva, who died from hyperthermia after spending a night in the cold; the man broadcasted this incident in real time on YouTube.

In case law enforcement officers could sooner detect this video broadcast of cruel treatment of the pregnant woman, block the transmission and arrive in time to deal with this incident, the victim could live, Kirkora said.

The rights activist believes such content needs to be monitored and blocked to prevent it from being used as a role model for its audience, whereas prosecution of bloggers broadcasting violent content is to serve as a deterrent.