MOSCOW, November 25 (RAPSI) – Moscow investigators check information on the alleged use of force by ex-head of the Moscow Region’s Serpukhov District Alexander Shestun against a convoy officer, according to Shestun’s wife Yulia.

When being convoyed he was placed in a prison truck and his leg moved and got on a penitentiary officer, Shestun’s spouce told RAPSI on Wednesday. 

The incident was recorded by video camera and submitted to investigators; therefore the check was initiated, according to the defendant’s wife.

Earlier, a prosecutor demanded a 20-year penal colony sentence for Shestun, a 50 million-ruble fine (over $650,000) and recovery of 64 million rubles (over $840,000) from him.

The defendant stands charged with fraud, bribery, money laundering and illegal business running.

According to investigators, acting as a head of the Moscow Region’s Serpukhov District, from 2003 to 2018, Shestun created 43 commercial organizations through his trustees and ran them. Profits he used for purchasing municipal land plots at bargain prices.

Moreover, between 2008 and 2011, Shestun along with his business partners Boris Krivodubsky and Sergey Samsonov illegally acquired title to four land plots with an area of 10 hectares through affiliated firms and therefore caused damage worth over 64.5 million rubles to the budget. In total, the accomplices sold illegally acquired plots for 160 million rubles. Initially, they bought the land for 628, 000 rubles, the case papers read.

One more charge count is related to a bribe worth 9.9 million rubles Shestun allegedly received from an employee of a district administration for the common protection. He pleads not guilty.