MOSCOW, November 17 (RAPSI) – A new model of provision of legal aid on pro bono basis is emerging on the Russian legal services market as lawyers begin to offer free legal advice to small and medium sized businesses, Chair of Bar Association A1 Alexander Zablotskis informs RAPSI.

Bar Association A1 is ready to provide legal aid to small and medium sized businesses finding themselves in complex and conflict situations by acting in line with a new in Russia, but common in Europe model of social advocacy. The Bar is to carry out a number of projects on pro bono basis; this approach is to facilitate the accomplishment of a mission of forming fair relations between businesses, the state, and the society within Russia’s field of law by protecting lawful interests of companies and entrepreneurs, Zablotskis says.

Bar Association A1 also intends to focus on provision of services as to resolving of corporate disputes, tackling entangled situations faced by shareholders, settling of disputes in commercial courts, offering solutions in complex inheritance structuring cases.

The strategic objectives the Bar intends to achieve are those of the introduction of pro bono based social advocacy practices in Russia and complex protection of inheritance rights, as well as implementation of fair play rules within the field of law, according to Zablotskis, who invites the legal community to engage in this initiative.

The move has been already backed by lawyer Anatoly Kucherena.