MOSCOW, November 6 (RAPSI) – Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office has for the fifth time requested German competent authorities to present information on the chemical composition of a toxic agent allegedly found in the body of Alexey Navalny, according to the body’s press-service.

The Office has submitted to the German authorities all necessary explanations as to the relevant Russian legislation and the data collected in the result of the legal proceedings conducted in the Russian Federation, and again requested information on the toxic agent and its chemical composition allegedly detected in Germany, the statement reads.

Earlier, the Office states, the competent German authorities failed to meet four requests of Russian prosecutors for legal assistance in the Navalny hospitalization case.

The failures to answer the requests of Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office are regrettable; as a result, the competent authorities of the Russian Federation are in fact prevented to determine the circumstances of the incident basing on credible evidence, according to the document.

On August 20, a plane departed from Tomsk to Moscow with Navalny onboard urgently landed in Omsk after the blogger became heartily sick. He was taken to a hospital in coma. Later, he was transported to Berlin. Russian medics said no poison was found in the blogger’s body.