MOSCOW, August 5 (RAPSI) – The Moscow Commercial Court has scheduled a bankruptcy hearing against Moscow’s confectionary Menshevik, whose ex-owner Ilya Averyanov had been acquitted in a guard murder case, for October 30, RAPSI was told in the court.

A claim for the confectionary’s insolvency was filed by DHA company.

Earlier, the confectionary announced in court a possibility of the debt repayment to the applicant.

Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Moscow, a subsidiary of Russia's oil giant Gazprom, filed a bankruptcy petition against Menshevik confectionary in May 2019 but later signed a claim assignment agreement with DHA company.

Moreover, in April 2018, the Ninth Commercial Court of Appeals upheld dismissal of another bankruptcy claim against the confectionary.

Criminal case against ex-owner of confectionary

Investigators claimed that on December 27, 2017, a conflict arose between former and current owners of the factory. Ex-owner Averyanov allegedly took out the gun and shot several times, fatally wounding a guard. The defendant insisted that he used the gun for the purposes of self-defense, and a shot was fired recklessly.

On January 29, 2020, jurors acquitted Averyanov of killing a guard during the shooting on the factory’s premises in 2017 and beating a passerby, who burnt up poplar wool near the factory in 2016. Thus, Averyanov was found not guilty of intended infliction of severe bodily harm and murder.

On February 10, the Moscow City Court issued a judgment of acquittal of Averyanov.