MOSCOW, February 5 (RAPSI) – Jurors have issued a guilty verdict against a former employee of Rot Front confectionery Nurlan Muratov charged with killing a police officer at a Moscow metro station, a RAPSI correspondent has reported from the Moscow City Court.

Earlier, during the trial, Muratov disassociated himself from committing the crime during. The defendant said that he did not know what had happened in a room, where the police officer had been killed, who had shot and who else had been there. According to his testimony, he was feared for his life and left the room. He also added that he had never born arms.

Charges have been brought against the native of the Kyrgyz Republic over infringement on the life of a law enforcement officer. He received Russian citizenship illegally, "through an acquaintance", as the defendant said, according to investigators.

Investigators claim that late in the evening on September 2, 2018, a police officer stopped a person for checking documents. Later, the policeman’s body with a firearm wound to the head was found in one of maintenance rooms at the Kurskaya metro station.

He was put in detention on a court order.