ST. PETERSBURG, September 5 (RAPSI, Mikhail Telekhov) – A court in the Leningrad Region on Thursday ordered the Defense Ministry of Russia to pay 4 million rubles (about $61,000) to three ex-common soldiers, who had suffered from tank gun hits during army exercises, lawyer Dmitry Gerasimov told RAPSI.

A former soldier Dmitry Pakhmutov is to receive 2.5 million rubles while his comrades-in-arms Vadim Gabdullin and Arsen Osmanov are to be paid 1.5 million rubles each.

According to case papers, on September 7, 2017, four soldiers participated in the training as part of joint exercises of Russia and Belarus in an armor training battlefield in the Leningrad Region. A regular round killed a 20-year old soldier Andrey Vittikh; Pakhmutov, Osmanov and Gabdullin were seriously injured.

This February, two lieutenant colonels Denis Gorelyshev and Victor Krivoshein received a 3-year suspended sentence each for negligence with a 1-year probation after release.