MOSCOW, September 3 (RAPSI) – Parents of Sultan Israilov, who had died from tortures in a penal colony where he had been serving sentence, filed a lawsuit seeking to collect 15 million rubles (nearly $225,000) in compensation for moral injury from the Russian Finance Ministry, lawyer Andrey Sabinin told RAPSI on Tuesday.

In November 2018, four officers of a penal colony in the Chelyabinsk Region were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 3 to 8 years in prison as part of the inmate beating case, the victim party’s lawyer Andrey Lepekhin told RAPSI. According to the attorney, Alexander Dontsov, Victor Podkorytov, Viktor Zavialov and Vladimir Malinin were found guilty of abuse of power with the use of force resulted in heavy consequences.

It was found by court and investigators that on December 21, 2015, Dontsov hit convicted Israilov because of personal enmity; the prisoner fell and pitched on his head. Later, Dontsov and Malinin ordered a punitive confinement’s duty officer to give them a rubber truncheon, handcuffs and a key to the cell, and to leave the unit. According to case papers, they handcuffed Israilov and beat him, then they tightened a scarf around his neck, tied to a metal window lattice and filed out. These actions led to the inmate’s death.