MOSCOW, June 28 (RAPSI) – The Supreme Court of Russia’s Republic of Khakassia has reduced a 5-year prison sentence of ex-penal colony officer Dmitry Zolotukhin convicted of torturing an inmate by 2 months, his defense lawyer Natalya Mons has told RAPSI.

According to the attorney, the court has taken into consideration pregnancy of the convict’s wife.

However, the court has upheld sentence of other defendants, ex-chief of a colony Eugeny Chichinin and his subordinate Ilya Vasilyev, who had received 6 and 5 years behind bars respectively.

All of them are also prohibited from working in law enforcement agencies for terms ranging from 2 to 3 years, Mons added.

According to case papers, in 2016, the defendants used force against the 41-year old inmate Sergey Buinitsky several times. They allegedly kicked the prisoner, stroke with a rubber truncheon and other things at hand. Moreover, Buinitsky became a victim of sexual assault, the case documents read.

The defendants have pleaded not guilty.