MOSCOW, May 27 (RAPSI) – A court in Russia’s Kaliningrad Region will hear a criminal case against police mayor Vadim Baltrushaitis and his former colleague, mayor Mikhail Samoylov, who are accused of torturing arrested persons, lawyer Natalya Lyutaya has told RAPSI.

According to case papers, Samoylov beat suspects with his hands, leather portfolio and rubber truncheons; Baltrushaitis used handcuffs to immobilize people, electric shockers and a ruler and also attempted to garrotte one of the victims.

The defendants allegedly demanded confession in a theft from two arrested persons using force in 2015.

They are charged with abuse of power with the use of violence. Samoylov is additionally charged with illegal keeping of explosives.

Baltrushaitis and Samoylov plead not guilty.