MOSCOW, April 24 (RAPSI) – The Moscow City Court on Wednesday extended detention of the deputy CEO of the Special flight detachment Rossiya Andrey Tyurin, who stands charged with embezzling public funds, until August 11, RAPSI reported from the courtroom.

Other defendants in the case, production manager of the operational and technical facilities of Rossiya Alexander Reikhtman, pensioner Yevgeny Voronovitsky and CEO of Aero-SNO company Vladimir Mikhlevsky will stay detained until July 29.

In December, their case was returned to prosecutors for the elimination of committed violations. Presently, the defendants are again reading case papers and updated indictment.

The men were arrested in July 2017 on allegations of embezzlement during supply of fabricated equipment for checking hydraulic systems of aerial vehicles for the Special flight detachment. All defendants have pleaded not guilty.

In April 2018, the Moscow City Court upheld a 2-year suspended sentence given to ex-CEO of the Special flight detachment Rossiya Yaroslav Odintsev for abuse of office during execution of purchase contracts.

According to investigators, Rossiya employees and other persons have embezzled money during procurement of air conditioners for airplanes used to transport top brass of the government. The accounts allegedly containing embezzled funds were seized by investigators.

Special flight detachment Rossiya is responsible for air transportation of the Russian President and serves as the official airline for delegations of the government.