MOSCOW, December 20 (RAPSI) – Attorney Vladislav Kocherin has filed 40 lawsuits against his former client over the negative reviews published on the website, the Tverskoy District Court of Moscow’s documents read.

First 19 lawsuits were related to the reviews of his work published on website by his former client Yevgeny Samusenko. Later, the attorney filed 21 lawsuits more, seeking 1 million ruble ($14,800) from author of the review and a website each.

According to information of the “Internet and Justice” law firm representing, to each lawsuit Kocherin added a medical note on the suffering caused by reading each negative comment about himself. Sought damage was estimated based on value of apartment of his former client.

As of now, 3 lawsuits were dismissed and 19 were not even deemed necessary to review. Also, the attorney accused his former client of defamation, but these claims were dismissed as well. In several cases Kocherin specifies a particular review published on one website; “a commission of experts” on his request examine another website while the official review deals with another website altogether. One of the lawsuits has a medical note published a month before negative review.

In April 2017, Kocherin already engaged in legal dispute with Samusenko. Back then the defendant was found guilty of defamation and had to pay 30,000 rubles ($445) instead of 10 million ($148,500) asked by the attorney .

This is not the first time Kocherin sues his client. Earlier, another client recovered 150,000 rubles ($2,300) from the attorney.