MOSCOW, October 5 (RAPSI) – A court in Russia has sentenced ex-chief of the financial service center for the Omsk Regional directorate of the Interior Ministry Irina Starikova to 7 years in a penal colony for taking over 28 million rubles ($420,400) in bribes, the press-service of the Investigative Committee’s regional directorate has stated.

Starikova was found guilty of abusing her office with the infliction of grave consequences and receiving a bribe on an especially large scale.

The court found that during several years Starikova used her position to help her acquaintance win procurement contracts for the directorate. In turn, the businessman transferred her 8% of the contract’s sum and some other property.

As a result, she took 28 million rubles in bribes and inflicted damage exceeding 95 million rubles ($1.4 million) to the directorate.

The official was stripped of her colonel rank and had her private house and apartments confiscated.

A civil lawsuit to recover 95 million rubles from Starikova was granted in full.