MOSCOW, August 6 (RAPSI) – Vladimir Anikeyev, the leader of Russia’s hacking group Shaltai-Boltai, or Humpty Dumpty, sentenced to 2 years in a penal colony, has been released from prison due to recent amendments to Russian legislation providing recalculation of prison terms, lawyer Ruslan Koblev has told RAPSI.

According to the lawyer, the penal colony’s administration decided to approach the matter in a swift manner and recalculated Anikeyev’s term in one month instead of six ones, which is why he was released as one of the first inmates affected by this change.

The Moscow City Court sentenced Anikeyev to 2 years in prison in July 2017. The man was found guilty of getting illegal access to computer information in collusion with a group of people.

Two other group members, Alexander Filinov and Konstantin Teplyakov, have received 3 years in prison each.

From 2013 to 2016, Anikeyev and his accomplices hacked computers, cellphones and tablet computers of Russian citizens and stole information data, according to investigation. In some cases, they put the information for sale on the Internet. Anikeyev has pleaded guilty.

Recent amendments to the legislation on pre-trial detention envisage certain changes in the rules governing the set-off of time spent in detention with respect to the calculation of prison terms.