MOSCOW, October 2 (RAPSI) – Former shareholders of Yukos and Russian authorities were not able to reach agreement during preparation of a joint status report for a U.S. court regarding the dispute in the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, and filed two separate reports as a result, court documents available to RAPSI read on Monday.

According to the reports, Russian authorities requested additional time to study the appeal filed by ex-shareholders of the company with the court in Hague after the District Court of The Hague overturned a ruling to compensate them $50 billion. Russia is to provide the statement of defense until November 24.

Russia also notes that former shareholders initiated two new court proceedings in the United States seeking to obtain information related to alleged attempts by Russia to interfere with proceedings in foreign states. It was also noted that representatives of Yukos “continue to pursue enforcement actions in other jurisdictions” and that the case may be transferred to the European Court of Justice.