MOSCOW, July 31 (RAPSI) - VTB Capital Plc, London’s subsidiary of VTB Group, has filed bankruptcy claims against four Simferopol energy producers with the Crimean Commercial Court, according to court records.

Specifically, the applicant demands to declare Alpha Solar, Beta Solar, Gamma Solar and Zeta Solar owned by the Cypriot Ournia Commercial Ltd bankrupt.

In late 2016, the court granted an application filed by Russia’s Sberbank and recognized another for Simferopol companies, Delta Solar, Omao Solar, Osprey Solar and Oul Solar owned by the Austrian Black Sea Renewable Energies GmbH, as bankrupt.

Earlier, the Crimean Commercial Court returned bankruptcy claims against 12 Crimean energy companies owned by Black Sea Renewable Energies GmbH to the Fund for the Protection of Depositors’ Rights. The court held that the applicant had not furnished proofs of the fund representative’s powers to sign the application on behalf of the creditor bank. According to the court, the claimant is Ukraine’s state bank Oschadbank; however, the bankruptcy petition was signed by the Fund for the Protection of Depositors’ Rights.