MOSCOW, July 11 (RAPSI) – Prominent German conglomerate Siemens has filed lawsuits in Moscow against Russian Technopromexport, a subsidiary of state corporation Rostec, court documents read on Tuesday.

The lawsuits have been lodged against persons allegedly involved in supplies of the conglomerate’s turbines to Crimea, RIA Novosti reported citing Siemens representative Wolfram Trost.

Earlier, reliable sources told Siemens that at least two out of its four gas turbine installations provided for a project in Southern Russia were transferred to Crimea.

Siemens believes that these actions are in clear violation of the conglomerate’s distribution contracts prohibiting a client to provide equipment to the region. Siemens initiated investigation against persons responsible and filed lawsuits with the Moscow Commercial Court seeking cancellation of all additional provisions to Crimea and return of equipment to its original point of destination.