MOSCOW, June 29 (RAPSI) – Jurors have found all of the defendants in the case over the murder of prominent Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, guilty, RAPSI reports from the Moscow District Military Court on Thursday.

Jury panel affirmed that all defendants were involved in the murder and do not deserve mitigated sentences.

Earlier, jurors stated that one of defendants, Zaur Dadayev, conspired with other defendants, was stalking and collecting data on Nemtsov, prepared murder and killed the politician himself, shooting his victim at least six times from an unidentified gun. Dadayev was found guilty by ten out of twelve jurors.

On June 27, a judge in the case removed two jurors from the panel.

On June 22, judge in the case read out a questionnaire, consisting of 26 questions, and advised the jurors. He noted that the deliberation of the raised questions may take an extended amount of time and because of that the jurors are to congregate on June 27. In case jurors rule defendants to be guilty of crimes, they are also to decide if they deserve leniency.

The prosecutor in the case asked jurors to deliver a guilty verdict for five defendants in the case. According to the prosecutor, their guilt in the murder has been proven. In turn, the lawyers of the defendants asked to acquit their clients.

Boris Nemtsov, 55, a prominent opposition politician, who held a number of high-ranking posts in the Russian Government in the 1990s and in the 2000s joined the opposition, was shot down in the center of Moscow as he walked across a bridge near the Kremlin on the night of February 28, 2015.

Five men, Zaur Dadayev, brothers Anzor and Shadid Gubashev, Khamzat Bakhayev have been charged along with Temirlan Eskerkhanov with contract murder and illegal acquisition, carrying and keeping of weapons.
Ruslan Mukhudinov, a former officer in Chechen Interior Ministry, is believed to be a mastermind of the murder. He was placed on the international wanted list in November 2015. Beslan Shavanov, who allegedly was also implicated in the crime, reportedly killed himself when police tried to arrest him.

Investigators believe that the conspirators in the murder had thoroughly prepared to commit this crime: they studied Nemtsov’s schedule, spied upon him, prepared suitable weapons, vehicles and communication equipment. On the day of the murder, 28 February, after following Nemtsov from his home, at about 11.31 p.m. Dadayev, having received a signal from Anzor Gubashev and Shavanov that the situation was suitable for the murder, shot Nemtsov at least six times, according to investigation.

Criminal prosecution of Shavanov was dismissed because of his death. Investigation into Mukhudinov is underway.