MOSCOW, June 16 (RAPSI, Lyudmila Klenko) – The Prosecutor’s Office has appealed against the a 1,5-years sentence the Moscow Dorogomilovsky District Court gave to nationalist Yury Yekishev, an associate of convicted ex-colonel Kvachkov, after he had been found guilty of extremism, the court's spokesperson Yevgeniya Gorokhova told RAPSI on Friday.

According to Gorokhova, the sentence has been appealed against both by the defense and the prosecutor.

A criminal case against Yekishev was launched after he published a video in one of the social networks. The defendant was an associate of Vladimir Kvachkov, retired Russian military intelligence colonel, who was convicted for attempted instigation of an armed riot. Before that Yekishev was a coordinator of the prohibited Movement Against Illegal Immigration. In 2006, Yekishev was also sentenced to 1.5 years for extremism.

Kvachkov, who was acquitted of charges in the attempted murder of former UES CEO Anatoly Chubais in 2005, was found guilty on February 8, 2013, of organizing an armed coup and was sentenced to 13 years in prison and one year of custodial restraint.

Later, the Supreme Court mitigated the sentence to eight years in a high security prison.

Kvachkov is thought to have masterminded plans to oust the government with a small group of followers. Kvachkov has denied all charges but during the trial defended “the right of Russian citizens to hold an uprising."