MOSCOW, April 27 (RAPSI, Lyudmila Klenko) - Russian national Vyacheslav Shimkevich, allegedly involved in embezzling assets from Yukos subsidiary, Tomskneft, has been extradited from Cyprus, according to the press service of Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office.

Shimkevich is charged with complicity in large scale embezzlement committed by an organized group and money laundering, the statement reads.

Investigators claim that from March 2005 and May 2006, Shimkevich, being an owner and deputy director of Rekma.V.G. company, was implicated in embezzlement of assets belonging to Tomskneft oil producer and monetary funds of its subsidiary Tomskneft-Service.

In 2008, Shimkevich was put on the international wanted list. In 2009, Russian law enforcement authorities established his whereabouts and sent an extradition request to Cyprus. Three years after, the Larnaca District Court dismissed the extradition request. 

On March 30, 2017, the Supreme Court of Cyprus overturned the lower court’s decision and granted extradition of Shimkevich. The Justice Minister of Cyprus approved this ruling, according to the statement.