MOSCOW, November 15 (RAPSI, Yevgeniya Sokolova) – The Moscow District Military Court will continue hearing a case against Varvara Karaulova (Alexandra Ivanova), the Moscow State University’s student, who stands charged with attempting to join the Islamic State militants in Syria, on November 16, RAPSI reports from the courtroom on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, defense began presentation of evidence in the case. The court heard testimony from Vyacheslav Komarov, the owner of a cottage where Karaulova lived with her parents after she returned to Russia from Turkey.

Komarov characterized Karaulova as educated girl. “She is not a talkative one, but conversations with her are interesting if you manage to engage her,” Komarov said. He added that they often discussed literature. The witness denied any talks about Islam with Karaulova.

During October 31 hearings it was revealed that Karaulova suffers from mental illness.

The student went on trial on October 5. Her parents, friends as well as teachers of the Moscow State University have been already questioned.

The second-year student of the Moscow State University’s Faculty of Philosophy allegedly decided to join the Islamic State terrorist group, also called ISIS, an organization which had been banned in Russia, and secretly started off for Istanbul on May 27, RAPSI previously reported.

Karaulova was arrested on June 4 near Turkey's border with Syria along with 13 other Russian citizens when attempting to cross into the territory occupied by Islamic State terrorists.

After being escorted to Russia in October, Karaulova was put in jail.

She pleaded not guilty.