MOSCOW, October 4 (RAPSI, Yevgeniya Sokolova) – Sergei Ageyev, a driver of Boris Nemtsov, has not noticed surveillance on the politician before his murder and could not recognize the alleged killer Zaur Dadayev, RAPSI reported from the Moscow District Military Court on Tuesday.

Ageyev said that he had never seen Dadyev. He also knew nothing about threats to Nemtsov or assassinations.

The murder of Nemtsov is considered by jury trial. On September 29, the Moscow District Military Court formed a panel of jurors selecting 22 people to make 12 main and 10 reserve members to examine the case.

At the end of June, Russia’s Investigative Committee reported that investigation into the case of Zaur Dadayev, Anzor Gubashev, Shadid Gubashev, Temerlan Eskerkhanov, and Khamzat Bakhayev who stand charged with a contract murder in the composition of an organized gang, and of illegal acquisition, transportation and possession of firearms, had been completed.

According to investigators, in late September 2014, Ruslan Mukhudinov, a former officer in the Chechen Interior Ministry, and some unnamed persons offered Beslan Shavanov and the five accused to murder Nemtsov for 15 million rubles ($236,600).

Nemtsov was murdered in central Moscow on the night of February 28. In the 1990s, the politician held a number of high-ranking posts in the Russian Government. In the 2000s, he joined the opposition.

Prosecution of Shavanov was dismissed in November 2015 because of his death by self-destruction in the course of his apprehending in Chechnya.

Investigation into Mukhudinov, the alleged mastermind behind this high-profile murder, who has been on the international wanted list since 2015 and other unidentified persons, is still going on.