MOSCOW, June 17 (RAPSI) – Cypriot company “Expedionco Capital Limited” has filed a motion with the Moscow Commercial Court asking to include 1.04 billion ruble ($16 mln) debt on the creditors’ list of “Russian credit” bank, the court ruling reads.

The motion is going to be reviewed on July 28.

On February 9, the Deposit Insurance Agency announced that 5.8 billion rubles ($89.2 mln) are going to be transferred to individual creditors.

On March 6, 2015 the Moscow Commercial Court declared “Russian credit” bank bankrupt. Bank’s debt exceeded its capital over 111 billion rubles ($1.7 billion).

On August 4, the Moscow Commercial Court will consider a claim filed by the BVI company Camilla Properties Limited for bankruptcy of former owner of Russian businessman Anatoly Motylev. Motylev is a former owner of several Russian banks including “Russian credit”, “M-Bank”, “AMB Bank”and “Tulsky Industrialist” and is involved in a large scale fraud criminal case.