MOSCOW, December 22 (RAPSI) – A criminal case was launched against an organized criminal group that was allegedly operating with the involvement of Russian Defense Ministry officials from the department of government contract audit, the Moscow City Court documents read.

A head of the department, Dmitriy Nedobor, is under investigation. Nedobor is accused of attempting to take a grand bribe; he is currently detained, according to court documents.

Earlier, the Kommersant newspaper reported that Nedobor became a head of the department in January, 2015. Before that he was an employee of the Finance Ministry where he worked for ten years. Nedobor held a position of a head deputy at the military contract budget policy department.

According to Kommersant, military authorities launched a bribery case on October 15 against an organized criminal group that was trying to take bribes. Investigators believe that this group consisted of Defense Ministry officials and criminals from other spheres.

This case was merged with a case against Nedobor. The Moscow City Court upheld the decision of a lower court which placed Nedobor  in detention for two months. On December 10, the detention of Nedobor was extended for three more months.

The department of government contract audit conducts expertize of government contracts’ expenses, sets their prices, analyzes the prices of the bought equipment.