MOSCOW, October 27 (RAPSI) – Former president of the U.N. General Assembly accused of corruption was released on bail, Associated Press reported.

According to Associated Press, John Ashe was released on Monday with his bail estimating $1 mln, his movements will be tracked through special device. Ashe’s alleged accomplices were also released on bail: deputy U.N. ambassador from the Dominican Republic, Francis Lorenzo, was released on $2 mln bail while Chinese businessman Ng Lap Seng was released on $50 mln bail.

According to Reuters, Ashe, former U.N. ambassador in the Antigua and Barbuda, is suspected of taking bribes from prominent Chinese businessmen, including developer Ng Lap Seng, in exchange for promotion of their interests. Allegedly Ng paid Ashe more than $500,000 through intermediaries to support Macau conference hall building project.

Ng’s intermediaries allegedly include his assistant, Jeff Yin, and deputy U.N. ambassador from the Dominican Republic, Francis Lorenzo. Ng and Yin were arrested on September 19, both men are charged in the latest case, Reuters reported.

Ashe is also accused of promoting interests of Chinese businessmen in Antigua. Allegedly the corruption scheme was organized through Sheri Yan, chief executive officer of a New York-based organization, and Heidi Park, its finance director, who were also arrested, Reuters reported.