MOSCOW, August 12 (RAPSI) - Russian soldier Valery Permyakov, who stands accused of killing seven members of a family in Armenia's city of Gyumri, has pleaded guilty to deserting and illegal carrying of weapons and ammunition.

The trial is broadcast live on the website of Azatutyun radio (Armenian Svoboda radio) on Wednesday.

However, Permyakov refused to testify in court during the trial.

As a result of an armed assault on January 12, a family of seven was killed, including a six-month-old baby that died of injuries a week later. Permyakov was arrested and later charged with the murder of two or more persons under the Armenian Criminal Code. He pled guilty later in January. His motives remain unknown.

The murder case is being heard by an Armenian court while Russian law enforcement has charged Permyakov with desertion and theft of weapons.

During the hearing of the charges from the Russian side, the defendant requested that his testimony given during the investigation be used. The court read out his testimony, in which Permyakov gives a detailed account of how he entered the victims’ house and opened fire, then changed clothes and ran away towards the Turkish border. According to the testimony, Permyakov does not suffer from mental issues and has not made suicide attempts.

The Russian investigators cooperated with their Armenian counterparts. The murder case is heard separately.

The materials for the other charges, desertion, stealing of weapons and illegal carrying of weapons were delivered to the Russian Fifth Garrison Military Court in Armenia.