MOSCOW, July 1 (RAPSI) – Bailiffs in the Amur Region in the Russian Far East have seized the equipment of a Vostochny spaceport contractor to force it to repay its debts, RIA Novosti reported on Wednesday, citing the regional department of the Federal Bailiff Service.

United Energy Construction Corporation owes 27 million rubles ($483,500) to another Vostochny contractor, Sistemy i Seti (Systems and Grids).

Acting under a court order, bailiffs seized over a dozen items from the debtor at the Vostochny spaceport construction site for delivery to the company that filed the complaint.

Under the law, the seizure and subsequent sale of assets are among the basic methods of enforcement.

The regional department of the Federal Bailiff Service said the seizure of assets is often sufficient to convince debtors to honor their obligations and is the most effective method of implementing a court decision.

The Vostochny Space Center is under construction near Uglegorsk in the Amur Region in the Russian Far East. The first carrier rocket is planned to be launched this year, and the first manned mission is scheduled for 2018. The facility is to be finished by November 30, 2015.