MOSCOW, March 20 (RAPSI, Vladimir Yaduta) - Nassau County Surrogate Court has denied a request to join Russia and the United States as parties to an action over adoption of two Russian-born children who allegedly suffer from serious mental disorders, according to court documents obtained by RAPSI.

A claim was brought with the court by an American family which alleges that the adoption of kids was fraudulent.

Children, born in 2000 and 2002 and designated as Child A and C, were adopted by the couple in 2008 with the aid of Spence-Chapin and Cradle of Hope adoption agencies.

During the 2007 visit to Russia, the couple was informed that the biological father was in prison and the biological mother in a rehab. Before the adoption the children were examined medically, and no problems were found.

However, shortly after moving to the US, the adoptive parents claimed that the children suffered severe mental illness. The couple alleged that it had been scammed in a "bait and switch" scheme.

The adoptive parents supported the children until 2012 emotionally, medically and physically, seeking the help of child psychologists. Eventually, both children were placed in mid-2012 under constant medical supervision. 

The adoptive parents want to void the adoption based on the allegations of fraud and inability to build family relations with the children which present a danger.

The adoption agencies implicated in the case moved to join Russia and the United States Department of State as necessary parties to the action.

The court held that the action "is a matter that is solely between the parties already named." However, the United States Department of State and the Russian Federation are permitted to be witnesses.