MOSCOW, March 5 (RAPSI) – The Moscow City Court sentenced on Thursday former police officer Roman Ushakov to 15 years in prison for treason, RAPSI reported from courtroom.

Ushakov provided encoded Interior Ministry information to the CIA for 37,000 euros, according to prosecutors.

Instructions and money for Ushakov were allegedly concealed in a dead drop disguised as a stone. He was arrested after picking it up.

Ushakov pleaded guilty upon his arrest.

The court ruled that the money be forfeited.

Ushakov will serve his sentence in a high-security prison and will be subject to two years of out-of-court restraint upon his release.

In the meantie, a case was recently launched against Svetlana Davydova, mother of seven children from the Smolensk Region. She was charged with treason after she called the Ukrainian Embassy to tell them about the alleged “dispatch of Russian troops to Donetsk.”

Several other treason cases are being investigated in Moscow and other Russian cities. In many of them, charges were brought against the culprits long before the media learned about them, and information about these investigations is scarce because case materials are classified.