MOSCOW, February 2 (RAPSI, Vladimir Yaduta) – Aeroflot will not withdraw its claim against the estate of Boris Berezovsky even though the late oligarch’s estate was declared insolvent by London's High Court last week, Aeroflot lawyers told RAPSI on Monday.

Aeroflot sued Berezovsky before his death for allegedly embezzling millions of pounds in the 1990s.

Information about Berezovsky’s property is being reviewed because its fiduciaries have only been appointed recently, according to the lawyers.

One of Berezovsky’s daughters, Ekaterina, asked the court that she be appointed an executor of the estate. However, the appointment of fiduciaries has invalidated all previous appointments with regard to Berezovsky’s estate. "Therefore, Ekaterina Berezovskaya has no formal role to play in the execution of her father’s estate," according to the lawyers.

As for liabilities, the first to be paid will be the estate management and execution costs, the late oligarch’s lawyers say. The next recipients will be the fiduciaries, who will consider creditors’ claims irrespective of financial security. Approved surety-secured obligations will be paid through the sale of the related estate. Approved unsecured debts will be paid by the fiduciaries as soon as they determine the property that can be sold for this purpose. These claims will be covered on equal terms, Berezovsky’s lawyers said.

Berezovsky was found dead in a locked bathroom at his home, Titness Park, at Sunninghill, near Ascot in Berkshire, UK, on March 23, 2013.

Following an inquest into the death in March 2014, the coroner concluded that he could not rule with certainty on whether the late oligarch took his own life or was killed.