MOSCOW, November 26 (RAPSI) – An appeals court in the town of Rivne in western Ukraine has upheld the ruling to seize 1,400 kilometers (about 875 miles) of two transit oil products pipelines owned by a company under control of Russia's Transneft, RIA Novosti reported on Wednesday, citing Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office.

Ukrainian authorities carried out an inspection which showed that the pipelines were owned in violation of the law by a company which is a subsidiary of Transnefteproduct, Russia’s operator of oil products pipelines, affiliated with Transneft, according to Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office. 

Ukrainian courts initially dismissed the case, but the Higher Administrative Court in Kiev ruled that it might be considered by the appeals court which sided with Prosecutor General’s Office.

Transneft CEO Nikolay Tokarev said in October that the company would cease transportation of oil products through Ukraine if its authorities seize the pipelines.