St. PETERSBURG, November 7 (RAPSI) – Environmental prosecutor’s office for St. Petersburg have uncovered violations by the Russian Jehovah’s Witnesses chapter, according to the statement issued by the prosecution on Friday.

The prosecutor’s office reports that the religious organization dumped waste in a creek that flows into the Gulf of Finland, in upstate St. Petersburg, without any permit.

The Neva-Ladoga water authority confirmed that in 2013, Jehovah’s  Witnesses dumped more than 30 thousand cubic meters of waste into the creek. In 2014, authorities detected a rise in concentrations in ammonium lignosulphonate and fluoride, in violation of the “ On environmental protection” federal law and Water Code of Russian Federation.

The prosecutors have filed a lawsuit against dumping waste into the creek. Administrative cases were opened against the religious organization on the grounds of illegally occupying a body of water and violation of water security.