ST. PETERSBURG, October 10 (RAPSI, Kirill Chulkov) - The Investigative Committee has withdrawn its motion on a mental examination for Pyotr Pavlensky who performed some eccentric stunts, his lawyer Dmitry Dinze told RAPSI on Friday.

In the early morning of February 23, 2014, Pavelnsky and other activists staged a protest on the Maly Konyushenny Bridge near the Church of the Savior on Blood in St. Petersburg. They burned car tires, waved Ukrainian flags and banged sheet metal with sticks. The police arrested several people, including Pavlensky, and opened an administrative case on minor hooliganism. The court issued a 10,000 ruble ($247) fine for Pavlensky.

Last spring, investigators opened a criminal case on group vandalism regarding the same incident.

In August, the Dzerzhinsky District Court of St. Petersburg rejected the first motion on an in-hospital mental examination of Pavlensky. However, the next month, the Investigative Committee issued an order to have him undergo an examination at an outpatient facility.

Then later, the Investigative Committee repeatedly addressed the Dzerzhinsky District Court with a motion to have Pavlensky examined in a mental hospital.

Pavlensky has already endured an examination after a protest he staged on Red Square. The examination indicated that he was mentally stable.

Pavlensky is known for a number of controversial campaigns. In July 2012, he sewed up his mouth and stood at the Kazan Cathedral with a poster in support of Pussy Riot. In May 2013, Pavlensky lay down on the ground in front of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly naked with barbed wire around his body. In November 2013, also naked, Pavlensky nailed his genitals to the pavement at Red Square near the Mausoleum. He was taken from the square by ambulance.