WARSAW, February 5 - RAPSI, Yevgeny Bezeka. The European Court of Human Rights has decided to declassify the documents on the alleged existence of CIA prisons in Poland, the Polish Press Agency reported on Tuesday.

Since 2011 the Strasbourg Court has been considering a complaint filed by Saudi national Abd al Rakhim al-Nasiri, a prisoner at Guantanamo, about bureaucratic delays in the Polish prosecutors investigation of a secret CIA prison. The plaintiff claimed that he was kept illegally in Poland from December 2002 to June 2003. The Polish authorities have not confirmed that there is a CIS prison in the country.

A classified investigation has been in progress in Poland since 2008. Last year, the Strasbourg Court demanded that Polish authorities disclose whether or not al-Nasiri had been kept prisoner in Poland. Warsaw declined to respond on the grounds that the investigation had not yet been completed.

Polish Undersecretary of State Maciej Szpunar said that the ruling could hamper the Polish government's cooperation with the Human Rights Court.

"The court should realize that disclosing all the information received from the Polish government would naturally limit further cooperation," he said. "We will certainly become more cautious from this point on. We'll have to bear in mind that any information we hand over to the court will eventually be made public."