MOSCOW, January 30 - RAPSI. The attorneys of former Menatep head, Mikhail Khodorkovsky's business partner Platon Lebedev have filed a complaint against prosecutor Vladimir Vedernikov, who put forward a ruling over Lebedev's case at the hearing in Moscow, reads a statement on the official website of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev.

The attorneys claim that Vedernikov's request regarding the extent of the reduction of Lebedevs sentence was unconstitutional and contradicted the law and the prosecutors' oath.

"Speaking on behalf of the state, Prosecutor Vladimir Vedernikov asked the court to hand down a seven-year sentence to Platon Lebedev, the longest possible sentence in this case, which contradicts the directions issued by the Constitutional Court," the complaint reads.

In late 2010, the Khamovnichesky District Court of Moscow sentenced Lebedev and former Yukos head Mikhail Khodorkovsky to 14 years on charges of embezzling 200 million metric tons of oil and of laundering the proceeds. The sentence was later reduced by one year. On December 20, 2012, the Presidium of the Moscow City Court reduced the sentence from 13 to 11 years.