MOSCOW, January 21 - RAPSI. The woman who sued pop star Justin Bieber for $9.2 million claiming that the screaming at his concert impaired her hearing has asked the court to dismiss her case, TMZ writes.

Stacey Wilson Betts, who took her daughter to Bieber's concert in Portland, Oregon, on July 14, 2010, claimed that while the initial screaming in the arena was bad enough, Bieber made it much worse when he was pulled into the crowd in a "heart-shaped aluminum/steel gondola" as part of the show.

Betts said she decided to file a lawsuit for damages because she started having hearing problems after the concert. But last week she asked the court to dismiss her case. Betts said she has no lawyer and moving forward with the case on her own is impossible. The court dismissed the case the same day.

Canadian singer Justin Bieber, 18, has released four studio albums, the success of which has ensured him financial security. In June 2011, he was ranked the second most influential young person in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list of the highest paid celebrities under the age of 30. He is the youngest star on the list and one of seven musicians who earn $53 million per year.