MOSCOW, January 11 - RAPSI. The fifth defendant in the Bolotnaya Square riots case has filed an application with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Denis Lutskevich has claimed that his right to freedom and personal immunity was violated, the Agora International Human Rights Association told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/ on Friday.

Lutskevich is presently represented by a lawyer at the association.

"In his application, Lutskevich stressed that the government has violated his right to freedom and personal immunity," the association reported in a statement.

Lutskevich also seeks his release from custody, as he believes that sufficient evidence has not been found to suspect that he will flee the country if he is released, or that he has committed a crime, the association said, adding that Lutskevich's right to a timely trial has also been violated.

Lutskevich, 20, stated in his application that he took part in a peaceful rally on May 6, but did not break the law, apply violence or call upon other individuals to do so.
Lutskevich will remain in custody until March 6, 2013.

His relatives have stated that they are willing to put up bail to ensure his release.

Clashes with the police flared up on May 6 during an officially sanctioned opposition march across Moscow. Dozens of protesters and police officers were injured. The police detained over 400 rally participants.

After May 6, the opposition continued its protests in the form of "people's promenades," wherein crowds of opposition activists strolled peacefully through the city in a show of opposition.