MOSCOW, December 17 - RAPSI. The majority of court claims filed by Russians are upheld, Yuri Sidorenko, head of the Council of Judges, said at the VIII All-Russian Congress of Judges.

He said that courts of general jurisdiction consider 25.5 million cases every year, while commercial courts consider 1.7 million cases .

Sidorenko reported that, in 2011, 94 percent of claims over labor disputes were upheld, 96 percent of disputes were upheld over pension disputes, plaintiffs won 97 percent of residential disputes, and the number of disputes won against the authorities amounted to 65 percent.

"These figures are clear examples of the trust society holds in the courts," Sidorenko believes.

The congress is being held on December 17-19. The event takes place every four years and involves members of supreme Russian courts, federal courts of general jurisdiction, commercial courts and military courts, and magistrate's courts.

The heads of the Council of Judges and Supreme Qualification Board of Judges of Russia, as well as a representative of the Supreme Examination Commission for Holding Judges' Qualification Exams and the Director General of the Supreme Court's Legal Department will speak at the congress.

During the congress, the new composition of the Сouncil, the Supreme Qualification Board of Judges and examination commissions will be formed.