KIEV, November 8 - RAPSI. The Lviv District Court has not confirmed media reports that the court seized the assets of Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky in Ukraine.

RIA Novosti has requested confirmation of the information but the court employees were unable to locate any related rulings. "If we had such a case, we would find it," one of the employees said. They were also surprised as to why the court would consider the case."

On October 5, the Moscow Basmanny District Court seized the assets of Boris Berezovsky as part of the new case on his investments in Borjomi Center and Ids Borjomi. The court later upheld the ruling and seized Berezovsky's assets in Russia and Ukraine.

In early September, Vladimir Markin, the official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee, said that Borjomi Center's premises, whose assets used to belong to Berezovsky and his late partner Badri Patarkatsishvili, were searched.

These actions were connected with the information on Barezovsky's possible investments of tens of millions of USD in the activity of these organizations through a number of trust funds, Markin said. Investigators said that the funds were received as a result of criminal activity.

Berezovsky has been charged with fraud and abuse of authority.

Berezovsky, who is wanted by Russian authorities on charges of fraud and deception, has been hiding in the United Kingdom since 2000. In 2003, a British court refused to extradite the businessman.

Berezovsky's business partner, a well known Georgian opposition leader and businessman, Patarkatsishvili, died in 2008 in his London home, leaving behind a wife and two daughters.