MOSCOW, October 8 - RAPSI. Self-exiled oligarch Boris Berezovsky has withdrawn his lawsuit against Metalloinvest co-owner Vasily Anisimov and has settled his dispute with the family of his late business partner and friend Badri Patarkatsishvili, Berezovsky's law firm Addleshaw Goddard told RAPSI.

Berezovsky initiated the litigation with Anisimov in December 2008 after Patarkatsishvili's death. Berezovsky claimed that he was entitled to a part of Anisimov's take in Metalloinvest, alleging that it was purchased using the proceeds from the sale of a 25-percent stake in Rusal which he co-owned with Patarkatsishvili.

Berezovsky has stated on many occasions that he ran a joint business with Patarkatsishvili and they shared their profits equally. At a certain point, Berezovsky allegedly transferred his assets to his partner for custody, as he was not sure he would be able to keep them secure. However, Berezovsky was not able to support his allegations with any documentary evidence.

Addleshaw Goddard added that the dispute with the Patarkatsishvili family and Salford investment company has also been resolved. During these proceedings, Berezovsky similarly claimed his right to part of his partners' assets valued at an estimated $3 billion.