MOSCOW, September 20 - RAPSI. On September 20, the Moscow Region Court will select the jurors who will decide the homicide case of Yury Solovyev, a Khimki (Moscow Region) resident, accused of brutally murdering two of his business partners in the United States ten years ago, the court's press secretary told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/ Wednesday.

Investigators believe Solovyev met his future business partners in the spring of 2001. The entrepreneurs, one Russian and the other an Uzbek citizens, ran an employment agency together.

Solovyev was renting an apartment with them in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and in June 2002, he decided to kill them for financial profit, investigators believes. That same month, Solovyev purchased a Jennings pistol and shot his partners dead. He stole upwards of $19,000, as well as their credit cards, the Investigative Committee reported. To conceal his crime, Solovyev sawed their bodies into pieces in the bathroom, packed the corpses into polyethylene packages and threw them into a nearby gully, according to the committee.

Solovyev proceeded to buy jewelry with one of the stolen credit cards. He also stole $8,760 in money and cigarettes from a gas station where he worked in 2004 and then left the United States.

In June 2004, he was placed on the international wanted list. He was found in Russia in 2009. All of the materials in the case were transferred from the US Justice Department to the Investigative Committee for Solovyev's prosecution.

Solovyev has been accused of a number of crimes, including murder, large-scale robbery, fraud and theft.

"Solovyev is currently under house arrest," the court's spokesperson said.