KIEV, August 9 - RAPSI. The Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office may bring new charges against Yulia Tymoshenko in September; the former Ukrainian prime minister may be accused of having aided the murder of Member of Parliament (MP) Yevgeny Shcherban, First Deputy Prosecutor General Renat Kuzmin said Thursday.

Yevgeny Shcherban, a Verkhovna Rada deputy and head of financial corporation Anton, was shot and killed at Donetsk airport in November 1996. Shcherban's wife and an airport employee were also killed in the attack.

Shcherban's son, Ruslan, reported in early April that he had submitted documents to investigators about the alleged involvement of Tymoshenko in the murder of his father. Tymoshenko is currently a witness in the Shcherban case, but according to Kuzmin, the office has sufficient grounds to bring charges against her.

"German doctors (treating Tymoshenko) have said that she needs eight weeks to recuperate from stress (which will take until the second half of September). So we are waiting for this term to end. As soon as doctors say that she can be disturbed, we will bring the charges. We have everything ready for this," Kuzmin said.

In October 2011, Tymoshenko was sentenced to seven years in prison for abuse of power after signing a gas contract with Russia in 2009. She is currently serving her sentence in a Kharkiv women's prison. She has been receiving treatment at a Kharkiv hospital since May 2012. She was diagnosed with a spinal disc herniation.