MOSCOW, July 31 - RAPSI. The Supreme Commercial Court will not reconsider the PRIME news agency's lawsuit to quash the Moscow government's refusal to publish more than 14,000 regulations, the court told the Russian Legal Information Agency.

The lawsuit does not fall within the jurisdiction of commercial courts because the Moscow City Court handled a similar dispute between the same parties on the same grounds, it said.

The plaintiff seeks to invalidate the government's decision to restrict access to information about the city executive authorities' operations and to classify 14,569 mayoral and government documents.

In its response to the complaint, the government said it provided the plaintiff with 40 requested regulations, and then 176 subsequent regulations, while the "other regulations contain information constituting state secrets for official use only, personal data and other confidential information."

The Moscow Commercial Court dropped the lawsuit on July 14, 2011. The appeals court later upheld the decision. PRIME then asked the Supreme Commercial Court to review the lawsuit under supervisory procedure.