MOSCOW, June 13 - RAPSI. The Zamoskvoretsky District Court in Moscow will hear a complaint filed by Transparency International - R of the Justice Ministry's failure to act, the claimant told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/

Last year, the then President Dmitry Medvedev signed amendments to the federal law on public procurement defining the cases when the customer may place its order with a single supplier or contractor without holding a tender.

In April 2011, the claimant requested a copy of anticorruption appraisal report on the amendments from the Justice Ministry.

This was denied on the grounds that the ministry could not disclose information to third parties. Also, the ministry claimed that there was only one copy of this document and it had been returned to the government. The claimant maintains that it has a legitimate right to access such information.

Transparency International - R carried out its own expert appraisal of the amendments and flagged up several problem areas. It requested the anticorruption report from the ministry last year, and when it was denied, the organization took the matter to court. The judgment was appealed and eventually the lawsuit was remanded back to the district court, where the process had first begun.