MOSCOW, May 31 - RAPSI. A Moscow court has suspended its hearing of the Russian Authors Society's claim against the appeals instance's ruling for a concert agency over an Elton John performance in the capital.

Earlier, the appeals court said the Melnitsa concert agency did not have to pay royalties for the concert.

Melnitsa asked the court to declare its contract with the society null and void, as the parties failed to agree on the list of songs for which an interim license had been requested.

Melnitsa added that it has withdrawn its other claim against the society regarding the signing of a royalties contract on the plaintiff's terms.

The agency later relinquished another claim to obligate the society to sign a royalties and public performance contract on its own terms. The court terminated the proceedings in the claim.

Elton John performed at Moscow's Crocus City Hall in December 2010.

As it turned out later, he only performed songs to which he holds the copyright. Meanwhile, the contract was concluded in the event that he might perform other authors' songs.

The Moscow District Federal Commercial Court has postponed the hearing until June 4.