Wednesday, May 2


Central Partnership Sales House vs CP Digital

Ninth Commercial Court of Appeals

The lawsuit is centered on a number of contracts signed by the Central Partnership Sales House and CP Digital between 2007 and 2011 on the distribution of Central Partnership's films.

The plaintiff holds that CP Digital has not paid the amount due under the contracts in full. The Moscow Commercial Court fully satisfied the lawsuit in February, CP Digital filed an appeal against the ruling.

Thursday, May 3


National Reserve Bank (NRB) vs Kommersant newspaper

Moscow District Federal Commercial Court

Media tycoon Alexander Lebedev's bank filed defamation lawsuit against newspaper over allegations that NRB was under investigation due to the embezzlement of public funds allocated for the Rosiisky Capital bank's bailout. NRB demands 11 million rubles ($356,200) in compensation. The Moscow Commercial Court earlier dismissed the claim, it was upheld by an appeals court.


Developer vs Moscow government

Moscow Commercial Court

Kurskaya Ploshchad development company requests from the Moscow government to terminate investment contract to develop a three-star hotel. It also seeks 5.6 billion rubles ($182.6 million) in damages, of which its lost profits amount to 4.19 billion rubles ($136.8 million).

The Moscow government and Kurskaya Ploshchad signed a co-investment contract in December 2005. The company was to invest 99 percent of the project cost.

Moscow authorities first planned to complete the project by 2010, but later extended the deadline until 2013.

Friday, May 4


Billa vs Christian Harten

Moscow Commercial Court

Billa supermarket chain, owned by German REWE Group, has sued its former General Director Christian Harten for 388.67 million rubles ($13.3 million).

The lawsuit stems from the chain being forced to pay rent on its leased premises twice.

The first lease agreements were entered into with ReMa Immobilien in 2004. The claims under the leases were assigned to the Dutch C.R.R.B.V. in 2008. However, as a result of controversial instructions issued by ReMa and C.R.R.B.V., Billa continued to pay rent to ReMa. Harten signed the rights assignment notification.


Baltika Brewery et al. vs Antimonopoly watchdog

Moscow Commercial Court

Baltika Brewery, a leading Russian brewery owned by the Carlsberg Group, and a major aluminum cans producer seek to cancel the antimonopoly watchdog's resolution.

The service found that Baltika and Rexam Beverage Can Naro-Fominsk entered into an unlawful agreement, whereby the can manufacturer agreed not to sell one-liter aluminum cans to other customers in Russia, Belarus, or Ukraine. Additionally, Baltika Brewery was entitled to approve purchasers of Rexam's one liter cans. The plaintiffs stated earlier they negotiate settlement with the antimonopoly service.

Saturday, May 5


Sberbank vs Pin Telecom, Leasing Group Industry

Moscow Commercial Court

Sberbank seeks to recover 1.275 billion rubles ($43.6 million) in debt under loans from the St. Petersburg-based PiN Telecom and the Leasing Group Industry. The bank has filed four lawsuits. PiN Telecom is now under bankruptcy procedure.