MOSCOW, April 18 - RAPSI. On June 27 The Moscow District Federal Commercial Court will handle an appeal filed by businessman Yevgeny Grafeyev against the dismissal of his lawsuit to return equity and recover 10 million euros in moral damages from MTS mobile services provider.

The Moscow Commercial Court turned down Grafeyev's claim against MTS in November. An appellate court upheld the decision and it came into effect on March 5.

On August 17, 2001, Grafeyev sold his 1,250 privileged and 250 ordinary shares in Mobilnye Sistemy Svyazi (Mobile Communication Systems) to MTS for 4.668 million rubles ($157,500), reads the statement of the claim.

Grafeyev asked the court to terminate the transaction, return the shares and award him moral damages.

Grafeyev alledes that MTS threatened, blackmailed and forced him into signing the sale contract, which caused him a 21 million euro loss.

MTS argued that it acted in good faith and had the corresponding documents to prove its case.

The Moscow Commercial Court ruled that the plaintiff failed to prove that the defendant had made any threats or coercion. Thus the statute of limitations has expired.