MOSCOW, April 9 - RAPSI. Eduard Limonov, renowned writer and The Other Russia opposition party leader, has been fined $51 for organizing an unauthorized rally in Moscow on March 31.

"The court found me guilty of violating mass rally procedures and fined me 1,500 rubles ($51). I will appeal the decision," Limonov told the Russian Legal Information Agency.

Opposition parties traditionally hold protest rallies on the last day of each month with 31 days in central Moscow. The police detained 60 active protesters, including Limonov, following the latest rally. The police later released all the detainees after filing administrative offense records. Limonov was then summoned to court.

The Magistrate's Court fined Limonov 1,000 rubles ($30) on April 2 for organizing an unauthorized rally at the Central Elections Committee on March 5.

Limonov was also fined in January for violating opposition rally procedures in Moscow on December 31, 2011. He denied the charges in court, saying he had been detained before he reached the square where the rally was to be held.