MOSCOW, April 6 - RAPSI. The Moscow Commercial Court has awarded the Defense Ministry $7,000 in its lawsuit against Adidas for delaying sport wear supplies.

The ministry initially sought to recover 117.5 million rubles ($3.9 million) from the sport wear producer.

The ministry told the court that it sought to recover a fine, penalties and interest for non-compliance with a state contract deadline.

The parties entered into a contract in September 2010 pursuant to which Adidas agreed to supply tracksuits and sport shoes to the ministry. The plaintiff filed a lawsuit against the company after it failed to deliver on time the sport wear to two military units.

Adidas, in turn, said the plaintiff unjustifiably overrated the forfeited penalty several times over by claiming 115 million rubles. The defendant said the ministry calculated the penalty using the total price of the contract, rather than the cost of the delayed shipment.

Furthermore, one of the two shipments was delayed 31 days, as apposed to 55 days as the plaintiff said. The defendant also considers it illegal to be simultaneously charged a fine, interest and penalties. Adidas requested to decrease the penalty amount to 195,000 rubles ($6,625).

Adidas asserts that the ministry did not sustain any losses.

The judge heard the arguments of the parties and charged Adidas 200,000 rubles ($7,000).

Adidas is the Russian subsidiary of the Adidas Group, a global sports wear leader.