MOSCOW, April 4 - RAPSI. The Moscow District Federal Commercial Court has postponed until May 12 its hearing of an appeal filed by the Domodedovo Airport Commercial Agency against the adverse judgment in its action against Vnukovo airport to recover $12 million.

The Moscow Commercial Court dismissed the agency's lawsuit in October and this decision came into force in January. The agency has challenged it.

The dispute stems from the AiRUnion bankruptcy in 2008. The company comprised KrasAir, Domodedovo Airlines, Samara, Omskavia and Sibaviatrans airlines. The Domodedovo airport served as the AiRUnion's hub. The airport refused to provide ground services to the alliance in August 2008, in view of its spiraling debt.

Air regulators decided to transfer AiRUnion to Vnukovo thus allowing the alliance to fulfill its remaining scheduled flights. Vnukovo Airport guaranteed that AiRUnion would repay to the agency its debt that accrued from August 12, 2008 until the alliance's relocation to Vnukovo on September 7, 2008.

In its lawsuit the agency seeks payment for Domodedovo Airlines' services from the guarantor.

The defendant has stated in court that it does not accept the claims and the plaintiff failed to provide any evidence in confirmation of the claimed amount. Having reviewed the documents the court saw no proof that the company did not pay the debt accrued during its suretyship.